Maggie Cole, RScP Emeritus

In 2019, I became an Emeritus Practitioner, which means I have been in service to the Center for Spiritual Living as a Practitioner for 20 years. In 2018, I was awarded the Practitioner’s Meritorious Award at the Centers for Spiritual Living Convention.

Enthusiasm for God and a genuine love for Science of Mind is what I bring to this community. I am a living example of the transformational power of this philosophy, spiritual practice, and my intention to experience and express the truth of who I am. My intention for my life is to see myself and others as God sees us.

I am currently immersed in the Sunday Evening Service as the team leader for this unique ministry serving our community. It invites those who attend to participate in facilitated conversations based on the themes of the month and the teachings of Science of Mind. It is a place where all are seen, heard, and valued. All are welcome.

I have a passion for teaching, facilitating, speaking, praying, and witnessing. My favorite subjects are intuition, our mystical nature, and Spiritual Mind Treatment, the most valuable tool in this teaching.

I provide sessions for Advanced Spiritual Living and Practitioner II students, also new members. I am not taking new clients at this time.

(707) 322-2003