Sunday Speakers and Topics

January 2021—Timeless Wisdom, Evolutionary Vision 
Recommended Reading: That Was Ernest: The Story of Ernest Holmes… by Reginald C. Armor: The Book of Soul: 52 Paths to Living What Matters by Mark Nepo

January 3 – Passing the Torch – Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

January 10 – Grounding Beyond the Beginning – Dr. Edward Viljoen

January 17 – Here and Now – Dr. Edward Viljoen      

January 24 – Looking Ahead – Dr. Edward Viljoen

January 31 – Looking Above – Rev. Russ Legear


February 2021—One Journey, Many Paths 
Recommended Reading: Worldwide Laws of Life by John Marks Templeton; A Theory of Everything… by Ken Wilber

February 7 – A Clean Slate – Dr. Edward Viljoen

February 14 – The Infinite Invisible – Rasheryl McCreary

February 21 – One Mind, Infinite Connections – Dr. Edward Viljoen

February 28 – Journey to Freedom – Dr. Edward Viljoen


March 2021—Open to Possibilities 
Recommended Reading: Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes; Life Visioning: A Transformative Process… by Michael Bernard Beckwith

March 7 – Living in the Question: A High Idea – Dr. Edward Viljoen

March 14 – Release and Let Go – Dr. Edward Viljoen

March 21 – With Open Arms – Dr. Edward Viljoen

March 28 – Commit to Transformation – Dr. Kim Kaiser


April 2021—Stepping into the Unknown
Recommended Reading: Love and Law: The Unpublished Teachings by Ernest Holmes; Elastic: Unlocking Your Brain’s Ability to Embrace Change by Leonard Mlodinow

April 4 – Path Less Traveled – Dr. Edward Viljoen

April 11 – The Winds of Change – Rev. Savanna Riker

April 18 – The Roadmap Home to Your Authentic Self – Ester Nicholson

April 25 – Stepping Out, Stepping Up – Dr. Edward Viljoen


May 2021—Wholly Holy Uprising
Recommended Reading: A New Design for Living by Ernest Holmes; See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love by Valarie Kaur 

May 2 – This Adventure Called Life – Dr. Edward Viljoen 

May 9 – Revolutionary Love – Dr. Edward Viljoen

May 16 – This Too Is God? – Rev. Ruth Barnhart

May 23 – Say Their Names – Dr. Edward Viljoen

May 30 – Boldly Living a New Story – Dr. Edward Viljoen


June 2021—The Soul’s Call 
Recommended Reading: 10 Ideas That Make a Difference by Ernest Holmes; Soul Awakening Practice by James O’Dea

June 6 – Pushed by Pain – Dr. Edward Viljoen

June 13 – Lean into the Discomfort – Dr. Edward Viljoen

June 20 – What’s Evolution Without Love? – Rev. D. Jacquelyn Edwards

June 27 – The Soul’s Call to Freedom – Dr. Edward Viljoen


July 2021—Pulled by Vision
Recommended Reading: Can We Talk to God by Ernest Holmes; Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential by Michael Bernard Beckwith

July 4 – Pulled by Vision: We Hold These Truths… – Dr. Edward Viljoen

July 11 – Is Your Commitment Greater Than Your Resistance? – Rev. Tara Steele

July 18 – Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow – Dr. Edward Viljoen

July 25 – Stayed! – Rev. Russ Legear


August 2021—A Pause for Guidance
Recommended Reading: Meditations for Daily Use by Ernest Holmes; Self-Care Check-In: A Guided Journal to Build Healthy Habits… by GG Renee Hill

August 1 – Time for a Tune-up – Rev. Tara Steele

August 8 – Sparking Imagination – Dr. Edward Viljoen

August 15 – A Playful Pause – Dr. Edward Viljoen

August 22 – G.P.S.—Guidance Positioning System – Rev. Russ Legear

August 29 – Rise and Re-Emerge – Lawrence Edwards, RScP


September 20021—Reaching Higher 
Recommended Reading: This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes; The Joy of Genius: The Next Step Beyond The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

September 5 – Reaching Higher – Dr. Edward Viljoen

September 12 – Transcend and Include – Rev. Russ Legear

September 19 – When the Road Gets Rocky – Dr. Edward Viljoen

September 26 – And Still I Rise – Dr. Edward Viljoen 


October 2021—Going Further Together 
Recommended Reading: Living Without Fear by Ernest Holmes; All About Love… by Susan L. Taylor

October 3 – The Divine Community – Dr. Edward Viljoen

October 10 – Share the Dream – Dr. Edward Viljoen

October 17 – We > Me: Going Further Together – Rev. Joyce Duffala

October 24 – Dig Deep – Dr. Edward Viljoen

October 31 – I’ll Meet You There – Shannon Williams, RScP


November 2021—Breathe in the View 
Recommended Reading: The Hidden Power of the Bible by Ernest Holmes; The Gratitude Formula: A 7-Step Success System… by May McCarthy

November 7 – The View From Here – Dr. Edward Viljoen

November 14 – Seeing Beauty, Feeling Grace – Dr. Edward Viljoen

November 21 – Celebrating the Triumphant Journey – Dr. Kim Kaiser

November 28 – Gratitude Beyond Gifts – Dr. Edward Viljoen


December 2021—Journey of Becoming 
Recommended Reading: The Voice Celestial by Ernest Holmes; The Wisdom Pattern by Richard Rohr

December 5 – Surrender Is Action – Dr. Edward Viljoen

December 12 – The Joy of Becoming – Rev. Sunshine Daye

December 19 – The Gift of a New Journey – Dr. Edward Viljoen

December 26 – The Light of a New Dawn – Dr. Edward Viljoen