Advanced Consciousness Studies (ACS)

This new course from Centers for Spiritual Living replaces the “Advanced Spiritual Living” course. It is a 27-week course and one-day workshop devoted to personal discovery, integrated spiritual practice, community building, and embodied awareness of living the Principles of Science of Mind and Spirit. This course is open to anyone desiring a deeper dive into the teachings of Science of Mind; a call to becoming a practitioner is not necessary. Completion of this course, including the mid-course workshop, is a prerequisite for the one-year Professional Prayer Practitioner Studies course.

Course Overview

Three terms of 9 weeks each. Tuesday nights, 6:30 – 9:30 pm, on Zoom in 2023-24. Tuesday, September 26 through Tuesday, April 23. There are breaks for Thanksgiving as well as the year-end holidays. There is also a week off during the Centers for Spiritual Living annual convention. 100% attendance is ideal. A six-hour workshop takes place between the 2nd and 3rd term. All students involved in ACS are strongly encouraged to participate though it is only a requirement for those going on to Professional Practitioner Studies. In addition to weekly reading and written homework, you are engaged in the following activities throughout the 27 weeks:

  • Daily spiritual practice
  • At least one paid practitioner session each term
  • 100% Attendance is ideal; missed classes must be made up.

Course Content

This course will guide you on a journey toward what it means to practice the Science of Mind and to be fully human and fully divine. In Term One you’ll discover your hidden beliefs and find out how your life got to be the way it is. In Term Two you’ll learn how to incorporate principles and practices into your daily life to create the life you desire. In Term Three you’ll explore what it means to truly embrace all of life.

Textbooks for Required Reading

The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

NOTE: There are multiple editions of The Science of Mind. It is recommended that students purchase the paperback edition published by Tarcher-Putnam. Other editions may have different content and/or page numbering.


27-week course and workshop: $775 if paid in full or $810 paid in 4 installments. ($100 deposit by September 1, then payments at second class of each term. The first term balance due is $170; the payment is $270 for the second and third terms.) Scholarships are available for students who have been approved to take this course. To complete a scholarship application, go to .

To apply for Advanced Consciousness Studies:

  • Deadline for application: Wednesday, September 6, 2023.
  • Completion of the Self-Assessment form
  • Completion of the Commitment Agreement form
  • List of classes and the month/year completed
  • Written Spiritual Mind Treatment in support of your successful completion of Advanced Consciousness Studies.
  • There may also be an interview

Prerequisites [subject to change by CSL]

With the senior minister’s approval, students may enter Advanced Consciousness Studies after completing at least three core courses within five years. One of the three classes must be a foundational level class, and the other two classes must be from the list below, unless other arrangements are made. Keep a list of your classes with the month/year completed. If you do not have this information, contact us at

Foundation level classes– Choose one:

  • Beyond Limits
  • Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
  • Foundations of the Science of Mind
  • Spiritual Principles and Practices

Other qualifying classes – Choose two:

  • The Art and Science of Spiritual Mind Treatment
  • Consciousness and the Creative Process
  • Powering Your Decisions
  • Power of Your Word
  • Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living
  • Visioning: A Way of Life
  • Other consciousness classes may be approved after discussion with the lead teacher for Advanced Consciousness Studies

IMPORTANT: If you are seeking entrance into Professional Practitioner Studies, you must complete the six class prerequisites listed on the Professional Prayer Practitioner Studies page on our website (, in addition to completing Advanced Consciousness Studies, before entering the one-year Professional Prayer Practitioner Studies course.

For more information, contact us at You may also reach out to Rev. Tara Steele, lead for the 2023-24 Advanced Consciousness Studies course,