Registration and Refund Information


 For 24/7 ease, you may register online. Online registration typically begins five weeks before classes begin.

The complete schedule of classes and class descriptions are available on the website and in the Social Hall and office lobby. For further information, contact Education Ministry Coordinator, Linda Almeida at or (707) 546-4543, ext 1010.

All core classes require a non-refundable $45 registration deposit. Full tuition begins at $190 for eight-week classes and $220 for 10-week classes. We have “early bird,” senior, and youth discount prices and installment plans. Look below to see our refund policy.

Scholarship or tuition assistance is available for our classes. Information and applications are available in the Social Hall and office lobby. Completed applications must accompany registration forms.

Spiritual enrichment courses (three to five weeks in length) must be paid in full at the time of registration. Registration ranges from $70 to $100. There is a $20 non-refundable fee if you decide to drop the course and want a refund. No refunds are given after the first course date.

Classes may cancel if enrollment is too low.

Refund Policy

Spiritual Enrichment Courses

Each three to five-week course, with a $70 to $100 total tuition fee, includes a $20 non-refundable cancellation fee. If a course is dropped no later than the day of the first meeting, the remaining tuition will be refunded within three weeks of notification. After the first class meeting, no refunds will be issued. To notify us that you are withdrawing from a spiritual enrichment course, and to request a refund, please e-mail or call the teacher or Education Ministry Coordinator, Linda Almeida at or (707) 546-4543, ext 1010

Core Classes

Students are entitled to a full refund (less the $45 non-refundable deposit) if they formally give notice of their intent to withdraw before the second class meeting. If you need to drop a class before the first meeting, contact Education Ministry Coordinator, Linda Almeida at or 707-546-4543, ext 1010.

Students must notify the teacher or an assistant that they are dropping a core class. The student workbook/binder and request for refund form are to be turned in to the Education Ministry or the teacher. A refund will be issued within three weeks of notification. If a student wishes to keep the workbook/binder, $10 will be deducted from the refund.

The $45 deposit is not refundable or transferable. All refunds are prorated based on the number of class meetings that have taken place (except when the class is dropped before the second meeting). No refunds will be issued after 50% of the class has taken place. No refunds will be made if the student fails to notify the teacher or the Education Ministry within two weeks of dropping the class. Thus, a student who simply stops coming to class is not entitled to a refund.

If additional installment payments (or prorated portions) are due the Center at the time a student drops a class, those payments must be made within two weeks of dropping the class. If any amount due remains unpaid, the student may not enroll in any additional classes until all tuition is paid.

Sample refund:

$200 for 10 week class = $20 per class.

Student dropped after third class and before fourth and turned in a re-usable workbook and binder:


-45 nonrefundable

-60 for 3 classes @ $20 each