Discounts, Scholarships, etc.

Discounts, Scholarships, and Tuition Assistance

Core Classes

Core classes are typically 5 to10 weeks long. Prices range from $150 – $220 which includes a $45 non-refundable feeClick here to see the refund policy.

Most classes have required books which may be purchased at Stepping Stones Books and Gifts or borrowed from our Ernest Holmes Lending Library (open Sundays only). A limited number of copies are available through the library on a first-come-first-served basis. Let the librarian know you are using the book for a class.

Discounts are applied to the ‘full pay’ fee and cannot be combined.
• Seniors (60+) – $25 off
• Teens & Young Adults (under 30) (Under 18 requires parental approval.) – 50% discount 
• Choir Members – For Beyond Limits only – 25% discount
• Audits – Repeating a class (with no Completion Certificate):  prices range from $100 – $150
• Reviews – Repeating a class (with a Completion Certificate):  Prices range from $100 – $150
• Youth Program Teachers and Teen Advisors – Application and background check required as well as completion of Beyond Limits. Pay $45 registration fee only. Offered once per year for one year commitment to the children and/or teens of our Center.
• Professional Prayer Practitioner Discount – 25% off


Scholarships of $75 – $100 are available. The value is based on the number of classes. Completed applications are due at least 3 weeks before the class start date and must be approved before registration. Approval is subject to need and the availability of funds. Click here to apply.

Tuition Assistance

Volunteer a minimum of 15 hours in our Spiritual Center in several key areas and receive a $75 discount. A limited number of these discounts are available per class so apply early. Pre-arrangement with a staff sponsor and completion of hours are required at least 3 weeks before the class starts. Click here to apply.

Spiritual Enrichment Courses

Spiritual enrichment courses are non-accredited and typically shorter in length (three to five weeks). Prices range from $70 – $100, plus the book(s), if applicable. A $20 non-refundable registration fee is included. Scholarships and Tuition Assistance are not available for these courses. No refunds are given after the first class.

Discounts are applied to the ‘full pay’ fee and cannot be combined.
• Senior (60+) Discount – $10 off
• Teens & Young Adults (under 30) – Under 18 requires parental approval. 50% discount
• Professional Prayer Practitioner Discount – 25% off

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