Our Nonprofit Partners

Our Nonprofit Partner Program is an outreach program of the Center. Each year since 2004 twelve nonprofit partners have been selected from nominations submitted by individuals in our spiritual community. Nonprofits may not nominate themselves. Nominations are received in the fall of each year.

A committee meets to review the nominations to make sure they have a nonprofit tax ID number and to ensure that the mission of the nonprofit is harmonious with the values and teachings of the Center. From the nominations, twelve are selected.

Each month, the Center sends a check to each of our 12 nonprofit partners. One-quarter of our annual 10% tithe money is set aside for our Nonprofit Partner Program.

The benefits of the program include connecting the individual givers of our community with programs in the world that resonate with our Center’s teaching, as well as continuing education for our community about ongoing good work being done in the world and the opportunities to volunteer for these organizations. Rather than duplicate the work already conducted by these organizations, we align ourselves with them and support their efforts in the world.

The Nonprofit Program selection process is not compelled by need, but by resonance with the teaching of our Center. In other words, we do not select organizations because they are underfunded, but because they are doing work in the world that leads to individual empowerment, expressions of compassion, sharing of resources where needed, the support of art and aesthetics, as well as other ideals expressed in the Global Vision of Centers for Spiritual Living.

Our nonprofit partners become a second family to us. We are connected spiritually with others who are doing good work in the world. We are truly living our principle of circulation and know this when our partners testify to the work they do as a result of our contributions. We are deeply grateful to our wonderful community for supporting our Center and these wonderful organizations.

2020 Nonprofit Partners

AIDS/LIFECYCLE, co-produced by the Los Angeles LGBT Center and San Francisco AIDS Foundation, this 545 mile ride is designed to advance their shared interest to reduce new HIV infections and improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS. www.aidslifecycle.org

CLEAN RIVER ALLIANCE, removing trash from the Russian River watershed and educating citizens about the problem of trash in our waters by creating more public clean-up events. www.cleanriveralliance.org 

COTS, working to combat homelessness in Sonoma County by providing hot and nutritious meals daily to anyone in need and a range of services to support people in reaching their short- and long-term housing, healthcare, and employment goals. www.cots.org

KNIGHTS OF SONOMA COUNTY, serving people in need in Sonoma County, including children, senior citizens, physically disabled, and the unsheltered–often for those who have fallen between the cracks and have not been able to find help from existing agencies. www.knightsofsonomacounty.com

LILY’S LEGACY, a haven in Petaluma for the love and care of abandoned, homeless, or displaced senior large breed dogs. www.lilyslegacy.org

POSITIVE IMAGES, providing support, advocacy, and education to Sonoma County’s LGBTQIA+ community through creating an affirming environment where everyone can explore their identities, develop leadership skills, and participate in building a just and equitable society. www.posimages.org

SEEDS OF AWARENESS, cultivating empathy, connection, and support through counseling and mentorship programs in schools, teaching social-emotional learning in classrooms, and providing cutting edge mindfulness-based counseling and nature-based social skills to our local communities. www.seeds-of-awareness.org

SHOES FOR KIDZ, providing one good pair of athletic shoes for every child who needs them, so every kid can get in the game with confidence and pride. www.shoes4kidz.com

SHONE FARM, SANTA ROSA JUNIOR COLLEGE, a 365-acre outdoor learning laboratory for Santa Rosa Junior College’s Agriculture/Natural Resources Department, providing students with hands-on experience that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. https://shonefarm.santarosa.edu/

SONOMA BACH, performing concerts of early music, believing passionately in the power of music to bring people together, to help us work through life’s challenges, and to serve as a catalyst for positive change. www.sonomabach.org

VERITY, working to eliminate all forms of violence, with a special focus on sexual assault and abuse. www.ourverity.org

ZARIKI NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL, nurturing the development of children in the Magu-Mwanza District of Tanzania, in a new school that is a safe place for the children, parents, and teachers. www.zariki.org

2021 Nonprofit Partners

The list will be posted soon.