Yield and Prevail

by Edward Viljoen

Your mind is the place where you must be flexible. Exercise may keep your body flexible and healthy; however, it is not enough. Life demands that we flow with it and for that we must practice being flexible in our thinking. A good starting point is to say silently to yourself:

The Living Spirit Almighty rules and governs everything in my life. It is the source of everything in my life. Because of this, I identify myself as a spiritual being and my words, thoughts, and deeds move with the flow of Spirit. My mind is a center of activity within Divine Mind; therefore, I tell myself I am not subject to the thoughts of the group mind. I rise above and affirm my kinship with all that is good and true. I accept these thoughts in my deeper mind, and this allows me to yield to all that Spirit is and all that Spirit wants to express in my life.