Ukraine: An Action Plan for Peace

Rev. Natalie Beth Inguri, Spiritual Leader of the Center for Spiritual Living, Geneva, invites you to join An Action Plan for Peace—worldwide daily prayer based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes as he outlines the possibility to create a spiritual chain reaction for peace.

We meet five days a week for 10 minutes to focus together on inner peace and send it out to the world. It is a powerful practice and is making a difference. Some Practitioners from Crimea join us when they can. We hear also from those inside Ukraine and those who are in Hungary helping those who have fled. They are courageous women who are so grateful for our support.

Meeting times:
Monday through Friday at 11 am Pacific Time
Sunday through Thursday at 10:30 pm Pacific Time

Click on the new Zoom link below to attend:

If you would like to join the Zoom room by using the other option, i.e. typing in the meeting ID and password, here are the details:
Meeting ID:  87309288969
Password:  love