Thank You, Rev. Joyce Duffala

by David Powers
President, Board of Trustees

Our Center has been blessed by the wonderful work and spirit of Rev. Joyce Duffala, who started in 2004 as Assistant Minister and is now retiring after 16 years with us. Joyce has been a major force, often behind the scenes, in the day-to-day operations, programs, and ministries of our beloved Center.

Two years after she started, Joyce took over daily operations at the Center for three months during our Senior Minister Edward Viljoen’s sabbatical. This was not an easy job, and it speaks volumes about Joyce’s ability, knowledge, and commitment to all of us. When I asked others to write a brief note about Joyce, they remarked about her huge and wonderful welcoming smile, witty comments, and her ability to make people feel loved, listened to, and appreciated. She is genuine and present during interactions with others. Joyce has a way of making us feel at ease whether sharing on stage, teaching, or hosting an event. Practitioners have commented about the special lightness she would bring to her classes, and the graceful way she shepherded them through the program.

We have been so blessed with her kindness, musical talent, and spiritual leadership. Joyce is not leaving us but is retiring from her official position. She will be taking on a new role at our Center as a volunteer minister. We are thrilled that we will continue to see that wonderful smile, and we are looking forward to seeing her in her new role.

From the Board of Trustees, thank you Rev. Joyce, so very much.