Sharing Our Bounty

The spiritual practice of circulation invites us to both give and receive.

We invite you to bring your flowers, fruits, veggies, and baked goods to share on Sunday, August 7, September 4, and October 2 from 10 to 11 am. The Center will provide coffee, tea, breakfast treats, and bags for you to fill with things from the sharing tables. Open to everyone, whether or not you bring something.

This event takes place between the 9 and 11 am services, so stay after or come early to your preferred service.

It is the nature of the Divine One to simultaneously give and receive. By emulating this quality of inward and outward flow, we reveal our own true spiritual nature. Both our physical and emotional health thrive when we balance the acts of taking in and giving out. —from “Circulation: Participating in the Spiritual Order of Never-Ending Flow”