Set Your Whole Self Free

Sunday, January 31, from 1 to 3 pm. Sold Out. New offering coming soon.

Please e-mail Rev. Tara Steele and let her know that you would like to be notified when this workshop is offered again. Include your name and e-mail address in the text of your message.

In this two-hour workshop, presented by Rev. Russ Legear, you will learn about the various ways your psychological defense mechanisms show up in life. While these mechanisms are natural, they can often sabotage us. When we gain a greater understanding of these automatic responses, we can make different choices when faced with conflict, stress, etc.

Participants will have opportunities to collaborate with one another as they explore their own defenses. The workshop finishes with a deep meditation and “dual focus” spiritual practice designed to help in letting go of burdens and fears that may be at the root of why certain unhealthy defenses show up in our lives.

Registration is $25, limited to 20 participants.

Rev. Russ is a minister at Cityside Spiritual Center, Chicago. He has ten years’ experience in body-centered therapy exploring and healing unhealthy, sabotaging defense mechanisms.