Science of Mind and Rohatsu

by Edward Viljoen

This month we are celebrating the many ways various spiritual traditions observe the Holy Days. Today we are exploring Rohatsu, a Japanese Buddhist celebration of the moment the Buddha achieved enlightenment. Rohatsu in Japanese means the eighth day of the twelfth (lunar) month, which means it sometimes falls in January. After the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, the celebration became fixed on December 8 and is sometimes called Bodhi Day. Bodhi means awakened or enlightened.Those who celebrate Rohatsu sometimes extend each evening’s meditation, making it longer than the previous evening and culminating in a night-long meditation.

Also, this month, we are inspired by the Christian tradition of Advent, focusing on the qualities of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love in our free Wednesday Wisdom classes at 7 pm. Rev. Tara Steele, Rev. Siota Belle, and Rev. Joyce Kinzel will facilitate the first three Wednesday evenings; and then on December 25, we will have one service only at 10 am on Christmas morning, focusing on love, and facilitated by Rev. Ruth Barnhart .All are welcomed.

If you would like support in your meditation practice, Rev. Siota Belle is hosting Wednesday evening meditation, from 6 to 6:45 pm, starting on January 8.