Science of Mind and Morality

by Dr. Edward  Viljoen

The Science of Mind teaching calls us to align with our spiritual nature, which we inherit from divinity, while respecting the divinity of others. Science of Mind is a prayerful approach to life that instead of laying out a one-size-fits-all mindset, invites us to contemplate and pursue the highest good for all.

Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, in How to Change Your Life, wrote that we ought to be thankful for the splendid design of this Universe that has planted within us a guide to right conduct. He called that guide conscience and said that we may access it through our spiritual intuition. He taught us that by knowing the Truth (which means to contemplate the nature of the Divine), we will be compelled to act in a correct way.

If we take time daily to sit quietly and think about what the Divine is to us (and that idea will no doubt change with our growing understanding) will it not become impossible for us to want to harm another, take what is not ours to take, or be deceitful?