A Prayer for Peace

Rev. Nathaniel Pierson

There is only one life. That life is the life of God. That life is perfect and that life is one of peace. It is peaceful within itself and it knows itself as peace.

Therefore, I declare that being created in the image and likeness of this presence, the inherent quality of my nature must be one of peace.

I declare that the whole purpose of this prayer is to eliminate in me any idea, opinion, or attitude that is not in alignment with this idea of peace. I declare that since this nature is inherent within me, I am peaceful with myself and with everyone else.

I know that, as this ripple is created in the stream of life as peace and it goes out to surround everything in its nature. I declare that everyone in this room is a seed idea of peace planted in solid ground and that the whole of this universe is vibrating with this idea.

Where there seems to be disharmony, where there seems to be confrontation among race, sex, and economic status, all these barriers fall down as the truth of this statement dissolves them. I declare that nations are one with each other…And all religions are one with each other, and that individual ideologies and philosophies come together with the true understanding that we are one in this Universe.

As a result of knowing this, everyone is working together for the greater harmony of our universe, our economies, and our ecological environment and for our spiritual growth and development on whatever path we choose to do so.

I declare that this consciousness is so solid, so stable, so truthful, that it is doing its mighty work in all that we are, individually and collectively.

I know that the power of the word is to heal, to bless, and to prosper. I declare that as a result of stating these statements of truth, of realizing them, of accepting them, of affirming them, that whatever action we need to take we take.

The truth of the matter is that regardless of appearances to the contrary, we are already one with God and all good as peace.

Knowing that the law of Mind is absolutely impersonal, and that it is acting upon this word right now, and that this word does not return null and void, I release it into the Divine Mind for the Perfect Resolution, giving thanks in advance for the joy of answered prayer.