Sue Robson, RScP

Sue Robson

Available to see clients.

I have experienced first-hand about what it is to embody wholeness and healing of both body and mind. I delight in helping other people come to their own place of wholeness and healing, whether it be physical, financial, relational or creative expression. I take joy in seeing others become the perfect expression they have always wanted to be.

I came to the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, in 2005 and found a home in this community of love and support. Hearing the words “You can change your life by simply changing your mind,” gave me a new understanding that Life can always start fresh at any time we desire.

Sue satisfies the need for empathy, love, and encouragement. I completely trust her with my feelings. She reassured me that I was perfect for the job my company was sending me out to do and that I would be completely accepted and received…and I was! Sue’s prayer and compassion carried me through and I completed my job successfully. — ES

Fee for sessions is $60/hour, $30/hour for students

(707) 696-1117