Russ Legear, Rev

Teacher biography

Rev. Russ Legear has a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies and a Certificate in Ministerial Education from Holmes Institute, Golden, CO. He also has a Bachelor of Letters and Science degree from University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.

Rev. Russ helped found and affiliate Cityside Spiritual Community, a Center for Spiritual Living, in Chicago. He has taught New Thought classes there and at Bodhi Spiritual Center, Chicago. He is passionate about the Science of Mind teachings, and about growing and evolving New Thought teachings through practice, experimentation, and curiosity. He is a dynamic teacher and speaker, and greatly enjoys weaving modern psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience discoveries into his talks and lessons.

When he’s not teaching New Thought principles, he can usually be found on some off-the-beaten-path trail in the middle of the wilderness. He also plays a mean electric guitar.

Rev. Russ joined our ministerial team in July, 2021.

(707) 527-3615