Rosie Rodriguez, RScP Emeritus

Available to see clients.

MsRosie, also known as Angel Rosie, is a licensed emeritus practitioner, which means she has been a practitioner for over twenty years, since 1995. She has always been in service at the Center with her radiant smile, kisses, and hugs. But she especially loves praying with people. This is the place where MsRosie grew spiritually and where she found family. She loves to pray because her mind is filled with the presence of God. She has healed from her story and trained her mind, and she wants to share this truth with others who have challenges of mind. Everywhere she goes, she is a vehicle for God; and she has a strong belief in prayer because it has given her such magnificent gifts.

Fee structure: sliding scale $0 – $100. Discounts to everyone.

(707) 483-2176