Mitsi Hughes

Mitsi Hughes

Financial Operations Manager

I first came to the center right after the election in the fall of 2016. I knew that I would need spiritual support to avoid falling into despair or becoming completely cynical. Like so many before me, I immediately knew that this would become my spiritual home. Since that time, I jumped right into various classes, Wednesday Night Wisdom, Women in Spirit, and the Diversity Discussion Group. I was fortunate to attend the 2018 retreat with Woman Spirit Rising, which was a beautiful experience for me.

I have worked in accounting for many years, but this is the first time I have joined an organization which I love and truly care about. It is an amazing experience, working with a team of such loving individuals. We sign our e-mails with “love” or “hugs” or XOXO!  Quite a change from the law office where I worked for 25 years!

In my spare time I enjoy yoga, cooking, gardening, and playing my ukulele.

(707) 527-3644