Maxine Wilkinson

Maxine Wilkinson was a 19-year-old mother of two when she began her lifelong career at Sonoma Developmental Center, first as a psychiatric technician and seventeen years later as a registered nurse where she served in many capacities from floor nursing to management. Maxine says, “I am fortunate to have made many friends throughout my time at SDC. I hold staff and clients I served in the highest regard.” In retirement Maxine is on the go, exploring places near and far. She volunteers at the Center once a week where she cleans, vacuums, dusts, washes laundry, and organizes supplies. She also enjoys helping a friend with farm animal chores and taking long walks at Spring Lake. Family connections are a high priority and Maxine hosts birthday and holiday parties at her home. Her latest, greatest joy is caring for her eight-month-old grandchild.