Mary Munat

Mary Munat is an environmental activist and the owner of Green Mary, a thriving Sonoma County business that keeps waste from ending up in San Francisco Bay Area landfills. She has been a member of the Center since 2013 and these two pursuits are the pillars of her very active life. Mary starts each day with Science of Mind magazine and a variety of spiritual readings that set the tone for success, peace, and happiness. She is powered by the need and desire to do good and that makes her feel good. One of her mottos is “I’m going to be doing something with most every waking moment; why not be doing something good and/or kind?” This includes good for self-activities such as regular meditation and quiet time in nature. Motivating, entertaining, leading, educating, and lifting up are a few of her many skills. Mary is active in the local Humane Society, leads workshops and gives talks about living lighter on the planet, and regularly donates her time and service to many causes around Sonoma County. An avid reader, traveler, skier, and friend, Mary excels at prioritizing that which causes her spirit to flourish and looks forward to contributing to the Center as a new trustee.