Lauren Darges, RScP

Not currently available to see clients.

Lauren brings the presence of more than 30 years of spiritual practice into her sessions. She has a passion for transformation and deep healing, for being with what is and loving fully. Her work embodies compassion, deep listening, and intuitive insight for the embrace and healing of the whole person. With training in spiritual counseling, Somatic Experiencing® trauma healing, EFT – Meridian Tapping, Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication, attachment based couple’s coaching and the Four Agreements, Lauren offers an effective combination of tools and techniques for calming the nervous system, dealing with triggers and building capacity for living life with more ease and resiliency. She leads meditation retreats and workshops and teaches classes in spiritual development and mindfulness.

Fee Structure: $90 for 1.25 hours.  Sessions available via skype, zoom and phone.  Call for free 20 minute consultation. Text or email.

“As far back as I can remember, I have had great difficulty in sharing my innermost feelings and thoughts. Shortly after meeting Lauren, I began feeling a sense of safety and comfort, which compelled me to be more open with my feelings. Not only did the feelings of safety and comfort grow with each meeting, but so did my openness to accept the sensitivity and insight that accompanied Lauren’s responses to me. My experiences with Lauren have helped me to look forward to overcoming challenges, evolving, and becoming more and more connected to the man I am intended to be.” —BG

(707) 971-0340