Joyce Orecchia, RScP

Joyce Orecchia

Available to see clients.

Joyce Orecchia has been an active member of our community since 1989 and a licensed practitioner since 2003. Her passion is supporting others to flourish and thrive in their personal and professional lives through assisting in Science of Mind classes, facilitating the Spirit In Business Group, and providing spiritual guidance.

Joyce is available for 30-90 minute phone sessions, $50 hourly rate, or in person arrangements can be made for $60 hourly rate.

When I first met Joyce, I was hesitant, confused, and unsure of myself. Shortly afterwards, I started feeling comfortable and at ease with her. In our sessions, I sense Joyce’s compassion, deep caring, and total acceptance regardless of where I am. She helped me see myself and my life in a different perspective. In times of difficulty, she was there holding the light for me. Her words and prayers have infused hope and movement in my life. Joyce’s enthusiasm has helped me grow in confidence and has renewed my soul. I have been transformed and my business too. Thank you Joyce! —N.R.

(707) 695-2249