Jan Svoboda, RScP

Available to see clients.

I am a practitioner because it allows me to be my purpose in life—to feel oneness and build community; to make the connections that are built on love, compassion, and wholeness.

We’re on this path together and in sharing our ideas, visions, desires, our dreams and goals, the whole of the community of beings is enlightened and enlivened.

I offer clients a deep belief in your unique divinity, as well as open-hearted listening with the intention to uncover the spiritual truth in any life condition.

My lifelong connection with nature led me to seek a deeper understanding about the origins of life, our universe, and how we relate to it all. Curiosity led me to explore several faith traditions and spiritual practices. When I walked into the Center for the first time and listened to the Sunday message, I instantly knew I was home. Hearing that “…there is one divine presence and it is expressing itself as all there is” made so much sense to me that I immediately signed up for classes, hungry to learn, and have not stopped seeking since. Now, as I daily apply spiritual principles in my life, I witness my becoming what I have envisioned. I am filled with gratitude.

I love making connections with other spiritual seekers and am inspired as we each discover our oneness with the Divine. I became a practitioner in 2010 and co-facilitate the Center’s Full-Circle Group (conversations about death, dying, and living); assist in classes, and offer prayer on Sundays.

Fee structure:

$75 for a one-and-a-half-hour session; discount for students and seniors.

(707) 953-3565