Claire Victor, RScP Emeritus

Claire Victor

Available to see clients.

Claire Victor, licensed practitioner, works with unleashing the passion of the creative heart as evidenced through the music she shares with so many. If you are feeling the longing for personal expression in a more authentic way, then you will enjoy Claire’s dynamic prayer support.

Claire says, “My intention is to support and help each client unleash creative potential in all areas of life, to spiritually assist them in times of challenge and share tools for spiritual support. I witness each life story and reflect it back. I provide tools for rewriting the story of life and assist in learning how to deepen faith and trust.”

Fee Structure: $90 for one hour session in person or via phone.

How do you thank the sun for shining upon your darkness? How do you thank the stars for showing you brilliance? How do you thank the air for filling your lungs with sweet, sweet oxygen? The glory and perfection of Spirit’s expression as unique individuals, was created so perfectly in the imagery you employed in your prayers. I was able, at last, to surrender myself into that God-aspect of Love with all of my being. My life has been forever changed by this blessed experience, and my gratitude for your guidance and support knows no end. —RC

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