Bette Smith RScP Emeritus

Teacher biography

Coming to the Center for Spiritual Living in 1995 changed Bette’s life. The teachings, the affirmations, and the positive, loving lyrics had a big impact on her way of thinking and she knew it was the perfect place for her. She started taking classes, discovering the wonders of New Thought authors, and became a prayer practitioner in 2002. Bette assisted in many classes, including the two-year course of study to become a practitioner.

Bette has been adjunct faculty for Santa Rosa Junior College since 1998 and has been teaching mindfulness and meditation since 2012. Having a regular meditation practice before finding the Center for Spiritual Living, Bette has felt the power in group meditation. She has spent some time at silent meditation retreats and has studied with many teachers.

Words from Bette: “I love to meditate; it keeps me grounded and centered in my busy life. Group meditation is especially powerful for me. The inner wisdom comes forward when we take the time to still our mind. And I always gain wonderful insights from students when teaching a class.”

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