Angél Fiorito, RScP

Angel Fiorito

Available to see clients.

Humanity is on the verge of a paradigm shift, of knowing who we are as beings of light. There is potential of such an immense magnitude here that we can’t even comprehend it.

I’m called to participate as a practitioner because I believe Science of Mind provides a vehicle for me to participate in this shift. The commitment, the dedication to serve, gives me a way to participate and support this emerging goodness on the planet. The tide is moving and God will be known.

We are all sparks of the Divine and I know something is happening here on earth to advance our potential. That call in my heart has always been very deep.

I am delighted to serve anyone who is struggling or who wants to know a deeper expression of who they inherently are. My training and deep intention to serve supports my clients to opening to a greater knowing of who they are, to release what they are ready to release, and to open to a new and thriving way of being. We release things that hold us back and bring forth what wants to happen through us.

If you want to grow, change, and develop spiritually, having a spiritual mentor as you discover a deeper knowing of yourself is invaluable.

When we meet, I center us in a space of welcoming the Divine into our time together, knowing we are in a partnership to open to more life, to being open to being led by Spirit within, and to support each other on this sacred journey.

We are all angels, who only have one wing.
We are all angels, searching for each other.
All angels who cannot reach the sky,
’cause we need each other to fly.
–Michael Gott & Karen Drucker

Fee structure: My rate is $60 per hour. Face-to-face meetings are preferred, but phone sessions are available.

(707) 481-5126