Revitalize Your Spiritual Health

Prayer Practitioners support our spiritual health in much the same way that doctors support our physical health and therapists support our mental health. Prayer Practitioners are available any time you would like to experience a positive change in your life. Through the power of affirmative prayer, Practitioners support you in living the life you desire. People consult Prayer Practitioners for a spiritual coaching session either for a specific challenge, or on a regular basis as part of their ongoing spiritual growth.

Your first step is to make an appointment (usually about an hour) with the Prayer Practitioner of your choice to explore your interest or concern in depth. Perhaps you have noticed a Prayer Practitioner on stage or in the Social Hall with whom you think you might resonate. Or maybe you have received a five-minute free prayer in Grinton Chapel from a Practitioner you particularly liked.

The next step is to get in touch with a Practitioner to ask about sessions and fees. Contact information for all of our Practitioners is on our website under the “Resources” tab. Click on “Prayer Practitioners.”

You can also find their pictures and business cards on the wall at the Center near Stepping Stones Books and Gifts.