Holiday Ornament Making Party

We invite you to gather in the Social Hall on Sunday, December 10, at 10 am, for a heartwarming session of tree ornament crafting. This event is for individuals of all ages to come together and add a personal touch to our Center’s social hall tree.

The handmade ornaments will adorn the tree for our cherished Winter Solstice service, taking place on Wednesday, December 20, at 7 pm. Our tree will stand as a beacon of the returning light during the longest night of the year, symbolizing our collective anticipation of brighter days ahead. In times of darkness, let these ornaments serve as a cheerful reminder that light and warmth are on the horizon.

The crafting will occur at our Center in the interlude between services. Regardless of whether you view this creative endeavor as a preparation for Christmas, a Solstice tradition, or simply a spirited expression of happiness, your presence will contribute to the diverse expression that is our community. Join us to weave a thread of creativity into the fabric of our shared experiences.