Is Dr. Edward Leaving?

In February, at the 2020 annual convention of Centers for Spiritual Living in Denver, Dr. Edward was elected Spiritual Leader of our movement. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

As the newly-elected Spiritual Leader, what does this position entail?
Dr. Edward is the spokesperson for our international movement. His term is for three years.

Will Dr. Edward be leaving Santa Rosa?
No. Dr. Edward will not be relocating; he is staying with us in Santa Rosa as our Senior Minister.

How will Dr. Edward fulfill his duties if the Home Office is in Denver?
Video conferencing technology will allow Dr. Edward to fulfill many of his new duties via the internet from Santa Rosa.

How does this change Dr. Edward’s relationship to our Center in Santa Rosa?
Dr. Edward has already held high-level leadership positions in Centers for Spiritual Living while guiding our thriving community in Santa Rosa. Our practice of shared leadership in Santa Rosa is a core strength and puts us in a position to support him while he supports the movement. Our staff, practitioners, ministers, trustees, and essential volunteers are ready and willing to support our community and Dr. Edward.

Will Dr. Edward still speak on Sundays?
Yes. Dr. Edward will continue to have a Sunday off each month, as he has in the past. We don’t anticipate a big difference. However, we’ll be open to learning together.