Difficult Conversations

Based on his book, Difficult Conversations: The Art and Science of Working Together, Kern Beare is donating this three-part workshop as a fundraiser for the Center on Saturday, February 6, 13, and 20, from 9:30 to 11:30 am, with an extra half hour at the end of the first meeting.

Click on the video here to learn more from Kern Beare:

The workshop combines insights into contemporary neurophysiology, self-reflection, self-inquiry, and the opportunity to tell and listen to each other’s stories. There are also practical guidelines for turning difficult conversations into meaningful opportunities to get what matters.

Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics that turn conversations into conflicts.

Discover how one critical shift in thinking can turn a negative interaction into a creative and constructive engagement.

Understand how our personal story can be a tool to both build bridges and burn them.

Learn how to look “beyond” our personal story to access more easily and deeply our innate capacity for connection, creativity, and collaboration.

The workshop is limited to 40 participants. Click here to register.

To learn more about Kern Beare and to order his book, go to https://difficultconversationsproject.org/