Consciousness and the Creative Process

Class Description

Thomas Troward’s book, The Creative Process in the Individual, provides the majority of the material for this class. Troward was adept at bridging the inner world of thoughts and the physical universe. The book contains profound messages and opportunities to deepen your understanding of the Law and how to align with Universal principles. Troward reasons from Universal principles, showing how principles can be applied to the future. He relies on the maxim that “principle is not bound by precedent,” and by the premise that we are not only able—but also required—by the law of our own being, to take a more active part in our personal evolution than has ever occurred in the past.

This course also draws from the writings of Ernest Holmes, to understand how Troward influenced Holmes, and how he continues to influence New Thought in today’s world. This class also includes a deeper dive into the Creative Process, including an understanding of the different stages in the growth of consciousness. Ultimately, it allows us to open our minds and hearts to consciously create the life we desire.

Textbook: The Creative Process in the Individual by Thomas Toward