Beyond 20/20 Spiritual Vision

Spiritual Ideas for 2020

Week of March 15-22

March 15. JUSTICE – Today I give up any ideas of retribution or vengeance if any are in me. I turn to the power of love within me to neutralize and transform them into constructive and powerful thoughts of forgiveness and clarity .

March 16. CONNECTEDNESS – Today, I give up the idea that my thoughts are different from my words. I give up the idea that things are independent of my opinions. I embrace the mystery of oneness and diligently look for the signs of connectedness in everything that appears before me.

March 17. RHYTHM – Today, I give up the idea of being out of step with life. The sounds and rhythm of life are music to me. I walk in step with my inner guidance.

March 18. DEEP PEACE – Today, I give up the idea that my peace needs to be any deeper than it already is. The peace I feel is just right and comes from God within me.

March 19. LOVE – Today, I give up the idea that my nature can be anything other than to express love. I firmly dedicate myself to be an expression of the best love I know how to express. I depend on the Spirit of Love within me to do the work.

March 20. UNDERSTANDING – Today , I give up the idea that I understand everything. I adopt a childlike attitude of exploration and openness. I allow myself to be teachable.

March 21. I let go and see the evidence of Love in action all around me. The love of the Divine inspires me to express my love for self, others, and for life itself.