Be a Trustee!

A Warm Welcome From the Board of Trustees!

Are you looking for a deeper connection with the Center? Are you ready to give and receive more? We would like to invite you to apply to serve on the Center’s Board of Trustees.

The trustees are the group of people who hold the present and future of the Center in trust. We share a deep love for the teachings of the Science of Mind, the Center, and our community, and we work closely together to safeguard and plan for our future.

The trustees collaborate in a way that honors and celebrates each individual contribution, and each trustee brings skills and talents that contribute to the whole.

We embrace spiritual principle and practice as the foundation of our activities, as we express the love of Spirit through service to our community.

Serving on the board of trustees provides opportunities to deepen your own spiritual practice as well as connect more deeply with those with whom you serve.

Who We Are:

The board consists of nine trustees, each serving a three-year term, plus our Senior Minister, Dr. Edward Viljoen. Each year three new members are elected to replace the three members who are completing their three-year terms. We are now accepting applications for the three members who will join the board in March 2024.

Because of the trusted position of our board members, candidates are required to have been a member of the Center for at least one year. In addition, because spiritual practice is an integral part of board service, we seek candidates who already express their love and appreciation for the Center through some form of volunteer service and who have a regular, identifiable giving practice.

Applying for a board position is an enriching experience in and of itself. We invite you to take your time and mindfully explore what board service may mean to you. What talents and gifts do you wish to express? How might you move forward in a greater expression of love and service to your spiritual community?

We honor and appreciate your interest in serving on the board, and we look forward to exploring your candidacy with you.

With love and gratitude,

The CSLSR Nominating Committee
Jan Peterson, Chair and Board Vice President
Anne Marie Cheney, Trustee
Karen Hatten, Trustee

Click here to download the application form.