2019 Speakers and Topics

Spirituality in Action

2019 • Themes • Topics • Recommended Reading

Anchor book for 2019: 365 Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

January 2019 – Principle: I Learn and Embody Science of Mind

Recommended Reading: Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes (updated and gender-neutral)

January 6   The Thing Itself – Dr. David Ault

January 13   The Way It Works – Dr. Edward Viljoen

January 20   What It Does – Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

January 27   How to Use It – Rev. Shannon O’Hurley

February 2019 – Integrity: I Am Truthful in Facts and Motives

Recommended Reading: For the Inward Journey by Howard Thurman

February 3   Integrity – Dr. Edward Viljoen

February 10   How God Works Through Us – Dr. Edward Viljoen

February 17   Individual vs Individualized – Rev. Ruth Barnhart

February 24   Our Highest Values – Dr. Edward Viljoen

March 2019 – Oneness: I Seek the Common Good

Recommended Reading: Beyond Religion by H. H. Dalai Lama

March 3   Oneness – Dr. Edward Viljoen

March 10   Recognition of Our Shared Humanity – Dr. Edward Viljoen

March 17   Living a Spiritual Life – Dr. Edward Viljoen

March 24   What is the Common Good? – Dr. Kim Kaiser

March 31   Relaxing and Settling the Mind – Dr. Edward Viljoen

April 2019 – Diversity: I Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Recommended Reading: True Inclusion: Creating Communities of Radical Embrace by Brandan Robertson

April 7   Diversity – Rev. Joyce Duffala

April 14   Uniqueness and Oneness – Dr. Edward Viljoen

April 21   Easter Sunday – Dr. Edward Viljoen

April 28   Inclusion: Beyond “Otherness” – Dr. Edward Viljoen

May 2019 – Compassion: I Care for the Poor

Recommended Reading: The I of the Storm by Gary Simmons

May 5   Real Compassion – Rev. Masando Hiraoka

May 12   Cause and Effect – Dr. Edward Viljoen

May 19   Who Are “The Poor”? – Dr. Andriette Earl

May 26   Inner Peace – Dr. Edward Viljoen

June 2019 – Empowerment: I Protect the Vulnerable

Recommended Reading: A New Republic of the Heart by Terry Patten

June 2   Protect the Vulnerable – Rabbi George Gittleman

June 9   Translating Heartbreak into Action – Dr. Edward Viljoen

June 16   Creating Meaningful Conversations – Dr. Edward Viljoen

June 23   The Divine Invitation – Ester Nicholson

June 30   Heart-Centered Social Engagement – Tracy Brown, RScP

July 2019 – Creativity: I Advocate for Freedom of Thought

Recommended Reading: The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton and Laura Love Hardin

July 7   Creativity – Dr. Edward Viljoen

July 14   Moving Beyond Our Story – Dr. Edward Viljoen

July 21   Living in Choice – Dr. Edward Viljoen

July 28   Living an Empowered Life – Rev. Chris Bell

August 2019 – Gratitude: I Appreciate Other Nations and Peoples

Recommended Reading: Grateful by Diana Butler Bass

August 4   Gratitude – Dr. Edward Viljoen

August 11   Blessings as Gratitude – Dr. Edward Viljoen

August 18   Respect as a Virtue – Rev. Tara Steele

August 25   Honoring All People – Dr. Edward Viljoen

September 2019 – Stewardship: I Love Our Planet

Recommended Reading: Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

September 1   Love – Dr. Edward Viljoen

September 8   Love in Action – Dr. Edward Viljoen

September 15   Transcending Fear – Dr. Edward Viljoen

September 22   Community and Connection – Rev.Ruth Barnhart

September 29   Healing Our Planet – Dr. Edward Viljoen

October 2019 – Unity: I Cherish the Human Family

Recommended Reading: The Power of Oneness: Live the Life You Choose by Sandra Brossman

October 6   Unity – Dr. Edward Viljoen

October 13   The Principle of Oneness – Dr. Edward Viljoen

October 20   God and the Universe – Rev. Joyce Duffala

October 27   Seeing Others as One – Dr. Edward Viljoen

November 2019 – Spiritual Guidance: I Stand for Spiritually Motivated Moral Leadership

Recommended Reading: Start with Why by Simon Sinek

November 3   Spirituality – Dr. Edward Viljoen

November 10   Self-Mastery – Dr. Edward Viljoen

November 17   Leading from the Heart – Dr. Kim Kaiser

November 24   Science of Mind and Morality – Dr. Edward Viljoen

December 2019 – Celebration: I Celebrate the Holy Days

Recommended Reading: The Power of This Thing Called Life by Ernest Holmes (updated and gender neutral)

December 1   Science of Mind and Rohatsu – Dr. Edward Viljoen

December 8   Science of Mind and Kwanzaa – Dr. Edward Viljoen

December 15   Science of Mind and the Solstice – Dr. Edward Viljoen

December 22   Science of Mind and Christmas – Rev. Julie Schmidt

December 29   Science of Mind and Hanukkah – Dr. Edward Viljoen