Class Descriptions for Summer 2021

                         Spiritual Enrichment Courses

A Deeper Dive Into Affirmative Prayer

Dr. Edward will unpack each of the five steps of spiritual mind treatment in this five-week class on Science of Mind’s approach to affirmative prayer.  This class is suitable for students who already have some knowledge of spiritual mind treatment and want to take their practice deeper.  Dr. Edward will go beyond the basics of spiritual mind treatment into each step’s purpose and function, unlocking the heart’s connection to the mind’s treatment and bringing new life to our prayer practice. 

Being Before Doing:  A Spiritual Approach To Getting Things Done

How can we bring more joy into even the most mundane of daily tasks? Is there a way to experience more peace when carrying out stress-inducing activities? These are exactly the kinds of situations where the spiritual practice of “seva” — self-less  service — can assist. Often associated with giving service to others, an attitude of seva can uplift you anywhere, anytime, alone or with others. Come be with us, so we can do this together.     

Radical Self Love

Self Love is our natural state. It is where we began at birth. Self love is maybe the most important or certainly the first and biggest ingredient in a recipe for a world that works for everyone. Radical self love means becoming a safe place for ALL of me, a soft place to land, to love without walls of protection, to know and love myself so well that I can let “you” see me without fear of shame or judgement. SELF love because I want to be the most complete embodiment of love that I can; that every cell within me is free to radiate Love. In this class you will develop and begin your own personal Radical Self Love Practice.

“Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world; but to change ourselves.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The Science and Spirit of Ecology

Emerson wrote: There is no place where you end and God begins, and no place God ends and you begin. Ecology is the science and philosophy of the truth that all things physical, mental, and spiritual are connected, and in truth never separated. The spiritual and practical applications of this intertwining are endless. There is a growing need to acknowledge and act on the truth that all being is part of one being. This class will look at some of the scientific, philosophical and spiritual practices that follow from this realization that we are all one.

Textbook:  The Ecology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained by Tony Juniper


                                  Core Curriculum

Building A Healing Consciousness

“Building A Healing Consciousness” is an eight-week journey to amplify and align your Creative Power with the Divine.

This class is for those who are seeking healing and greater health, who want to improve their finances and life situation, and who desire to make our world a place of greater peace and harmony.

You will learn how to develop a permanent consciousness of Oneness, Wholeness, and Healing within yourself.

Ernest Holmes, Emma Curtis Hopkins, and Joel Goldsmith provide the foundation material. We will also look at ancient spiritual practices that enhance the consciousness of Oneness and Wholeness: the Labyrinth, the Medicine wheel and a visionary practice from Emma Curtis Hopkins.

The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
The Joy Of Meditation by Jack & Cornelia Addington

Practical Mysticism: Living in Your Mystical Intuitive Nature

This class de-mystifies what many of us believe about mystics and mysticism. We have everything available to us here and now to live in the awareness of the presence of God. Each student has the opportunity to focus on a particular area of life and witness the changes and shifts that happen during our time together. Weekly focuses include Letting Go, Faith, Grace, Spiritual Discipline, Freedom, Self-Acceptance, and more. By reframing what a mystic is and learning ways to practice mysticism in everyday situations, you are invited to become a person who is committed to discovering Spirit in every action, person, and situation in your life. There is an abundance of sharing ideas, feelings, perspectives, and opportunities for transformation. This has often been referred to as “my favorite class.”

The Foundations of Mysticism by Joel Goldsmith
Entering the Castle: Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul’s Purpose by Caroline Myss

Spiritual Principles and Practices

Living a satisfying, spiritually grounded life takes practice, practice, practice. What methods can a person use to bring their life’s intention into focus? Through this course, you will explore the teaching of Science of Mind and how you can use its spiritual practices to bring more aliveness in your life.  Practice, practice, practice, with us in an engaging online class experience and bring your life’s intention into clear focus.
*Beyond Limits equivalent*

This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes