Martha McCabe, RScP Emeritus

Martha McCabe

Available to see clients.

I have been a part of our Spiritual Community since the early 1990s and was licensed as a Practitioner in 2003. I came for community and soon found a sanctuary for healing parts of me I did not know were damaged or limited. Life experiences had chipped away at my spirit and I held many undiscovered self-defeating beliefs.

I took classes, started seeing Practitioners for lifesaving practical tools for experiencing my best life, learning I was not “broken.” I was asked only to have faith that Spirit Itself lives within us, and through spiritual coaching, loving guidance, personal practice, and prayer, that spirit was revealed as me, through me, and my life.

I live by this faith.  It is my joy, privilege, and spiritual sustenance to share with others what I have learned.  Universal Principles and real-life tools and experience are combined in professional Prayer Practitioner sessions. Love is what binds it all together.

Fee structure
$75 per hour session; $35 for active Science of Mind students.


(707) 696-4952