Foundations of Science of Mind Description

Foundations of Science of Mind

“Are you ready to build an empowered life aligned with universal spiritual principles?  Are you prepared to create a meaningful, fulfilling, prosperous, joyful life? This is where it all begins! Foundations enables you to:

  • Align with Universal Principles and cultivate an awareness of the Divine Presence within you
  • Apply positive, practical, spiritual tools, including meditation and mindfulness, affirmations, neuroscience, and self-awareness in your daily life
  • Learn how to pray affirmatively, using Spiritual Mind Treatment to shift your consciousness toward a more life-affirming way of being
  • Take your inward exploration deeper, discovering the depths of your consciousness and the Spirit within
  • Uncover and release hidden beliefs that may be holding your life back
  • Explore our spiritual teachings with others in your community
  • Take your first steps toward the richness of our teaching, and the richness of your Divinely-created life!”

The Science of Mind – The Definitive Edition by Ernest Holmes