Spiritual Enrichment Courses for Fall 2020

What’s Your Story

As glimpses into our lives, stories highlight people and events, the themes, the villains, and heroes. They may become vehicles of hope and healing as we shift our perspective and open to the richness and vitality of our lives. Sometimes we forget to update the stories. As we notice the ways we have changed and grown, we rewrite our life stories, perhaps adding color, joy, wonder, or gratitude. The power of the Divine living in, through, and as ourselves shines forth. Join Rev. Janet Tobin and Rev. Tara Steele to explore the twists and turns, the infinite imaginings and possibilities, the power of story, from stormy first draft to the present and forward. We’ll explore stories in different ways, writing them, telling them, playing with them, and more.

Open At The Top…

Ernest Holmes never stopped learning. He said his spiritual practice was always “open at the top” for new insights, and for fresh and invigorating ways to present spiritual information. Some of his students reported that he also said, “If in 50 years you’re teaching only the same things I taught, then you’re not teaching Science of Mind.” This is a course that looks at several new and radically different ways of seeing self, others, and the world that have come from religion, philosophy, and science and that can add to a deeper understanding and practice of Science of Mind. We’ll look at Buddhism, the philosophy of pragmatism, new scientific world views, and begin it all with reading passages from This Thing Called You anew.

Textbook: This Thing Called You, by Ernest Holmes

Ladder of Consciousness: Building Your Relationship with the Divine

You can have direct, immediate intuitive knowledge of the Divine through your own personal experience. In this class, Rev. Siota Belle uses sacred spiritual exercises, mystical writings of Ernest Holmes and others, meditation, and both large and small group discussions to enrich and empower your conscious connection with Spirit.