Victoria King, RScP

Victoria King

Available to see clients.

I am a Practitioner because I know what it feels like to change my life into something that feels wonderful. The principles of Science of Mind have fostered that change, so I do this because I know how good it feels to have someone in your corner who knows who you are and what you are capable of, even when you don’t. You are an asset!

I also know that within every challenge is the solution. I work with people from the awareness that we are all a divine expression of the One living Itself as us. I assist people to move from the thoughts that limit (the illusions) to knowing their wholeness, from hopelessness and resignation to divine hope and possibility.

I know that when we make a real choice, the Universe/God/Spirit supports that choice and I am here as part of that support.

Victoria worked with me at a very important and transformative time in my life. I was a young adult, just beginning to navigate life’s big decisions, while also trying to break out of harmful patterns and relationships from my youth. She truly met me where I was at and made me feel seen and heard. No matter the problem I brought to her, be it concerns about my own identity and self-worth, or fears about college and career, she always drew me back to my center. She reminded me of the truth of who I am underneath those fears and challenges and gave me practical tools to take on life’s more difficult journeys. I am truly grateful to Victoria; I was able to walk through those chaotic early adult years with a strong foundation of love and truth because of her support and guidance. —PS

Fee: $75 per session, usually between an hour to an hour and a half.

(707) 338-4838