Terri Burger, RScP

Would you like to discover simple ways to spiritually streamline your choices and live your best life?


In this responsive Universe, where all of life is a demonstration and reflection of the beauty and blessing of Radiant Grace, the magnificent Spark of Divinity lives vibrantly within and through us, and we are each and together powerful beyond measure. As the artists and alchemists of our lives, we are always in the flow of Creativity and Power, and as we tune our consciousness to Spirit within, our visions and dreams are brought to form.


Standing with you in the safe harbor of Wisdom and faith, raising in awareness and rising in Love, together we’ll excavate and discover the Power, Truth, Beauty, and Blessings of your Sacred Self in all experiences and conditions of your miraculous life. Let’s lift you up in prayer, celebrating and knowing the Sublime Light that guides you, revealing and celebrating the truth and creative power that is yours, blessing each holy and precious moment of your life.


(707) 892-0798

Fees: $75 per session

Let’s talk if you have a genuine need for flexible pricing.

Available outdoors, sitting in a park, on a walk in the beautiful forests of our regional parks, or online via Zoom so I can see your beautiful face!