Donna Starr, RScP

Donna Starr

Currently available to see clients.

My intention is to be an example of what we teach in all areas of my life’s work, friends, and in every ministry in which I participate. The surprising (to me) result is that I wake in the morning with joy in my heart and no fear. I know I am safe in the world.

Being a practitioner was originally about being a more active member of our community in practicing the principles we teach. It then became important to me to live my spiritual beliefs on a daily basis. When I’m working with someone, it brings those beliefs into sharp focus and makes me clear about who I am as an expression of Spirit. It is through healing myself that I become more able to be that expression of Spirit in the world—a more-clear bell—and that’s what I offer my clients. I make sure they leave with tools to enhance their spiritual practice and support their continued personal growth.

You have the ability to bravely face what needs to be healed so you, too, can wake up with joy in your heart. Because of my own experience and knowledge, I provide a safe place to explore. I live the principles so that I am able to support others in living them as well.

I help people remember who they are. If you know who you are, you can heal your life; the ultimate result is joy.

Fee structure: $50 per hour with a sliding scale available. Meeting in person is preferable, but FaceTime, Skype, and phone sessions are also available.

(707) 239-4960