Claire Victor, RScP

Claire Victor

Choir Director

Music has been a lifelong passion for Claire-one she combines with a strong commitment to hone, craft, and stretch her abilities and the talents of others. While she serves as our One Heart Choir director, Claire is also a recording artist and vocalist in her own right and creates a vocal style that is uniquely, and expressively, hers. Whether singing one of her original heartwarming songs, working with crystal singing bowls, or belting out in the style of Jazz or R & B, her music promises to be passionate and evocative.

Claire also conducts personal empowerment workshops using sound, song and expression. As a private vocal coach, she helps singers reach new levels of expression using uniquely different approaches she has developed and expanded through her life long practice of singing, teaching, and transformative sound work.

And, while music is certainly Claire’s focus, she is also a respected and deeply committed Religious Science Practitioner and spiritual counselor and coach. Remember to sing, pray, and love.

(707) 484-3810