Angela Glasser, RScP

Angela Glasser

Available to see clients.

Working directly with an individual in need, helping them to open their heart and mind to go from a place of blockage and limitation to one of endless possibilities, to help them to remember who they really are—that is why I am a Science of Mind Practitioner.

When we work together, my role will be to help you to remember to be in tune and alignment with who you really are, so that you are then in a position to meet whatever challenges you are facing.  I believe we each have all the answers we need within us.  We just need at times to sort through confusion and to be put back in touch with our inner wisdom.  With the right support and guidance, we are able to access that part of our self that truly knows.

Working together, you will be heard and seen for the perfect expression that you are in each present moment.  I offer a gentle presence with patient, genuine, and loving support. I enjoy being a vessel of spirit and love, a channel in tune with you, and knowing you as whole, complete and divine.

Fee structure: $70 per 55-minute session; sliding scale available. I am available for an initial free 20-minute phone or Skype consultation.

(707) 888-5682