Job Opening: Events Coordinator

To apply, please contact Chandra Farnsworth at She will begin contacting applicants in January.

Proposed Job Description: Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator is a multifaceted role responsible for orchestrating community events, managing volunteers, and ensuring the smooth operation of facility usage for various functions. This part-time position reports directly to Linda Hann, COO. The ideal candidate for this position is self-motivated and will possess excellent organizational skills, the ability to work effectively with diverse teams, and a passion for creating engaging community events.

Hours: up to 20 hours per week, with the exact hours to be determined (potentially 10 – 15 hours per week).


  • Weekly Check-In: Time TBD, with Linda Hann, COO
  • Weekly Logistics Meeting:  Mondays at 11 am, with Dr. Edward Viljoen, Senior Minister; Rev. Russ Legear, Assistant Minister; and Linda Hann, COO
  • Monthly Logistics Meeting: First Monday of each month at 11 am, with Dr. Edward Viljoen, Senior Minister; Rev. Russ Legear, Assistant Minister; Linda Hann, COO; Christopher Fritzsche, Music Director; Allan Yeager, Communications Officer and Web Master; and William Abel, Facility Manager.  (Note: William’s attendance may be optional post-hiring).

Volunteer Development, to include the following:

  • Engage with potential volunteers, matching their interests and skills with appropriate department leads.
  • Develop volunteer training as required.
  • Establish and support team leads if needed.

Coordinate Community Events to include the following:

  • Create community events in collaboration with Rev. Edward Viljoen, Rev. Russ Legear, and Linda Hann, COO
  • Manage event promotion across various channels, including language for Sunday host’s stage announcements, content for Communication Officer’s flyers creation, and social media (Center Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Volunteer Blog, Center Instagram.)
  • Coordination of events with staff and volunteers
  • Recruit and organize volunteers to work events
  • Oversee event setup and breakdown for classes, workshops, memorials, and special events.
  • Coordinating with the music director for Sanctuary events.
  • Coordinating with the janitor if a room needs to be cleaned or other assistance is needed.
  • Coordinating with the facility manager if repair or maintenance issues arise or other assistance is needed.
  • Managing food setup and cleanup for various events, including Snack & Chat, Sharing Our Bounty, Appreciation, Seasonal, and Practitioner events.