Class: Five Pillars of a Spiritual Life

Living a spiritual life in today’s contemporary world can be a challenge. For the average person, a straightforward guide to incorporating spiritual practices in everyday life must take into consideration the fast pace of modern living within the ordinary demands of career, family, and recreation.

This practical guide for spiritual living acknowledges that you may already have a bery busy life. It offers manageable options for you to begin incorporating powerful spiritual practices into your routine, with the hope that in their simplicity they will find a permanent place in your schedule.

Five weeks with Dr. Edward Viljoen from 6:30pm to 8pm beginning Monday, May 1. In person at the Center or on Zoom.

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If you have credits for a free spiritual enrichment course, please contact Rev. Russ Legear at before registering. All credits from this past program will expire on September 1, 2023.