Class: The Essential Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes, the founder of the science of mind teaching, was widely read, curious about our human experience, and certain that God was everywhere. Perhaps as remarkable, he urged those who read or heard his teachings to determine what they believed, not to blindly accept whatever he said as truth.

Spend eight weeks exploring wide ranging topics, including in part, the nature of the Divine, abundance, social justice, and Jesus the master teacher. As you study these topics through the lens of Ernest Holmes, you are encouraged to notice what resonates, what’s confusing, what isn’t important to your worldview. The introduction to Essential Ernest says it this way, “This class is about you, using Ernest’s words as a foundation from which to build your own future, one belief at a time.”

Required text: The Essential Ernest Holmes

Folks new to Science of Mind, as well as those who know this teaching well, are welcome.

Thursdays, from 6:30 to 9 pm, beginning June 8, on Zoom or in person at the Center.

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